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Customer's requirements are extremely important

Our customers are classified into interior ones (our employees) and exterior ones (users and dealers).
At first, Digcher Company will satisfy its employees, and 'you' in its promise of 'Satisfying you' not only refers to exterior customers, but also interior ones. How to represent the operation culture of 'staff-oriented enterprise?' That is to meet the demands of interior customers at first. Actually, exterior customers are satisfied by the satisfaction of interior ones, only when our employees are satisfied, we can unite and work hard together, and endeavor to satisfy exterior customers.
Exterior customers are fundamental for our survival, and what we have done and shall do is to satisfy our customers, only when the objective is realized, we can say that we have done a good job, which is efficient and beneficial. Therefore, we are customer-oriented and customer-focused. According to customers' requirements, we adjust corporation management and operation mechanism, develop satisfactory products, and carry out customer-satisfying service program. Whatever we do will be judged by the satisfaction of customer's, offer our wholehearted service.

1.Technical consultation
To solve problems that customers meet in using the equipment. Generally speaking, we will guide customers to deal with their problems by telephone, and if it is necessary, they can deliver equipment to our technology department, or we will send technicians to the customer's locale, instruct on-site, help customers to choose equipment according to their special situations, work out feasible technical program, and serve as their excellent technical adviser.

2.Customer training
We provide customers with training service, which is classified into on-site training and centralized training. On-site training is mainly made in construction process, and our technical engineers will tell customers and relevant persons in detail how to install, debug, use, and maintain the equipment according to actual situation, so that they can use and maintain the equipment by themselves.

3.After-sale service
In the application of the equipment, if customers have any problem in use that they can not solve by themselves, they can call our after-sale service department, who will reply and give them the solutions in 24-hour; if they can not solve the problem within one workday because of region or non-human factors, they will discuss with customers about the solving date, solving method, and so on.

'To completely satisfy customers' and 'Provide customers with one-to-one intimate service'

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