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Digcher company was established in December , 1993 . It is well-known in China cleaning field by supplying customerized professional high pressure water cleaners , industrial vacuums , deduster , scrubber & sweeper , etc . to all kinds of industrial customers . Beginning from 2002 , Digcher devoted to research , develop and manufacture products by itself based on key components imported from abroad(world-wide components). With headquarters and plant in Beijing,Digcher has set up numerous sub-branches & sales offices in Shanghai , Shenzhen , Wuhan , Chengdu , Xi'an , Shenyang , Daqing , etc . The sales net spreads nationwide . More than 100 well-trained specialized employees are contributing themselves to Digcher up to now . Digcher kept ranking in one of the largest cleaning equip.suppliers in China for years .

we manufacture:

1. High pressure water jet cleaners ,with some key parts from international manufacturers . Offer both standard products and customerized products , as well as automatic cleaning equipments according to customer's requirement . Such as cleaning systems for tanks , containers , trains , trucks , processing lines of iron and steel plants,pipes , and etc.. The pressure ranges from 100 to 2750bar .

2. Industrial parts cleaning equipments .

3. Industrial vacuum cleaners , dust collector , oil mist and smoke filters , central dust vacuuming & extraction systems designed to client's requirement .

4. OEM automatic scrubber and driers , sweepers .

5. Supply the complex solution of cleaning , dedusting and dust depression system .

Power plants , shipyards , automobile manufacturers , mechanical processing , iron & steel plants , rail vehicles cleaning systems , paper mills , ceramic industry , oil industry , petrochemical enterprises , etc..

Digcher sincerely hopes to share our successful experiences with the world .
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* 200-2800bar high-pressure water cleaning equipment, component and system, 3-D cask automatic cleaning system, re-circulating sewage treatment system (Assembled and produced with imported key components);
* Industrial part cleaning machine (Researched and Developed independently by Digcher);
* Industrial vacuum cleaner, central dust absorption, smog absorbtion and purification, and dust settling spraying system (Researched and Developed independently by Digcher);
* Italian Comet cold and hot water cleaning machine series and various of professional cleaning agent;
* Italian Elsea commercial and industrial vacuums series;
* Italian automatic floor scrubber, vacuum sweeper, and snow sweeper;
* American Aqua-Dyne Ultra-high Pressure water jet cleaning equipment;
* American GOODWAY tube cleaning machine series;
* Italian Delfin industrial vacuums series; 
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